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Friday, 30 November 2012

On being a node :)

During this presentation at ALT_C 2012 I was faced with the realisation that my channel, WarwickLanguage is a node, that is to say it is a meeting point for those interested in language teaching and technology use. I guess I had been aware of this and indeed I had consciously worked towards embedding myself at the intersection between teachers, learners and technologists for quite some time. Indeed over the last few years I have found myself in demand as an advisor, consultant or just a signpost to help others in their journey to become connected educators. Being nodal has its up sides and it also brings demands that require serious consideration and decision making if you are not to burn out. The intersection between multiple roads will always get the greatest use and therefore needs to be reinforced if it is to last the wear and tear. I am having to learn how to ensure that I use my time wisely and build in opportunities for rest and reflection. An important life lesson I think.