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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

From curation to creation

I have invested some time in learning and using scoop.it over the past few months. My topics have increased, as have the follows, so that's all good. Recently, prompted by a contact @sensor, who I got to know through another part of my pln, @timbuckteeth, I have also revisited pearltrees. At first I found the interface tricky but with interaction and support from @sensor I am getting it. Suddenly, as I explored a penny dropped... The more I curated the more I saw links and was moved to create. This is true of language acquisition too - the greater the exposure the more likely you are to have the tools to create your own language to express own thoughts.

Seems to me that it is time to revisit this http://education.ed.pacificu.edu/aacu/workshop/reconcept2b.html
as part of the virtual exchange project this year. It can also be one of my objectives in the #change11 mooc as the result will be more comprehensive when shared and developed collaboratively.

Note to self: Why do I have my best ideas when I'm really busy ??

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