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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Holes in the wall presentation at ALT-C 2012

Holes in the_wall_alt2012 from Teresa Mackinnon

At the recent ALT-C2012 conference, I presented an overview of the virtual learning environment I have created for language teaching. Key design considerations include:

  • choosing design partners who share your vision and commitment to the final product
  • designing for nature within a learning environment so that it supports the natural ecosystem that is needed for great learning experiences.
  • defining the granularity of control so that innovation can take place.

The Languages@Warwick portal has facilitated much innovation:

  • A large scale project deploying e-portfolios as part of language skills assessment.
  • Creation of an Online Intercultural Exchange for 600 students, collaborating between institutions.
  • Implementation of a Community of Practice to support digital skills acquisition for our tutors.
  • Professional development and publications from our Senior Tutors for Chinese and Japanese.

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