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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Video in teaching and learning

Recently I was involved in facilitating a workshop for H.E. language educators on using video. The session took place at Southampton University and my plan was very technically demanding. I had just one hour to bring a self selecting group with varying roles and computer experience to the point where they would create and upload a video they had made through an unfamiliar online portal in order to earn an open badge. No pressure! 

Digital video can be enormously challenging, different devices using different encoding and having different playback needs. From a professional development context I felt a need to tackle video with my colleagues. My experience within our Languages@Warwick VLE research was that 100% of our teachers use video in their courses. The nature of this use was largely playback, and in my session I wanted to extend this to show that in fact we can use video in many other ways and so we decided to play on!
Here are the slides from the session.

 Future #highered students want to be able to create and contribute media to the virtual learning environment #Bett2015

We used Languages@Warwick's inbuilt video tools provided by Kaltura which include:

  • screen capture
  • webcam capture
  • video assignment submission
  • media upload

Almost all the participants in the session completed the video creation and submission and earned their #openbadge. They inspired me with their excitement. The technical headaches were managed by the system, the interface is easy to understand so the creativity can thrive. Here's one colleague discovering the joys of screen capture. 

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