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Friday, 27 August 2010

Hoping to find others who understand...

Today I showed my husband my abstract for my short paper to be delivered at ALT-C 2010. I don't blame him for not showing enthusiasm, to him my e-learning work is just another time consuming activity that distracts me from being more available to home and family. Some of my colleagues at work are also bemused by my desire to encourage online interaction and voice over the internet in language teaching. However, I am looking forward to meeting others who get it when I join the ALT-C in Nottingham in September. So excited about the possibility of finally finding my "niche" :)
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  1. Hi Teresa,
    I;ve heard a lot of conferences in other disciplines can have a lot of infighting and competitiveness, but I've never found that in elearning conferences. I think it's mainly because we are all working in isolation in our institutions alongside the majority of people who don't get it. These conferences are as much about reinvigorating your sense of purpose by finding like-minded people as they are about exchanging ideas. It should be fun. See you there.