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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Virtually attending #eurocall2016

This year I was not able to attend Eurocall. To be honest I didn't ask for funding as I have been fortunate enough to attend and present at many conferences over the past few years and I felt I should ensure that others also get the opportunity should they wish to do so. I chair the Eurocall computer-mediated communication special interest group so it was important to ensure that the discussions continued nonetheless. These face to face meetings are very important to community building. I am very grateful therefore to my friends for ensuring that all went ahead successfully. The tweet above along with exchanged DMs confirmed that all was well, a great reassurance. For this I am extremely grateful to my friends Shannon, Antje, Muge, Mirjam and no doubt many others who were "sur place".

We have had an eventful year and we look forward to the launch of unicollaboration