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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Moving on

The next steps blog was created to help me keep track of the stages of development that grew from my Warwick E-Learning Award and the creation back in 2004/5 of the online client support site. I think it is helpful to look back and summarise these before moving on.
Since those days, my online presence has grown considerably, to the extent that I have made many new "virtual" friends, 400+ followers on twitter, youtube channels, netvibes pages etc., presented at ALT-C, AULC and Edulearn11 and written articles. I completed my M.A. in post-compulsory education thanks to Alison Le Cornu, achieved a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (2009) and a fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning. I am proud of my achievements and I know my father (who died suddenly of cancer early in this journey) would have been so too.
Now I need to plan the next steps for my career and build on the progress I have made. The implementation of moodle 2 for the Language Centre will be a watershed and should be completed before the summer ends. With technical support handed over to others, I should be able to focus on my next steps and ensure that this journey has a suitable destination for me personally.