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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

window of co-presence

I have decided to write this post in order to support my presentation tomorrow at the #unicollaboration conference here in beautiful Léon, Spain. Having had a very interesting day listening to others explaining their telecollaborations I am very aware that 20 minutes is a short period of time to really convey the complexity of the many decisions, design factors and experiences of a telecollaborative project. Mine is also a large scale project which is now in its 3rd year so I know there will be many things I need to skate over tomorrow. This post therefore is by way of further notes for those who may be interested in parts of the project that I cannot unpack tomorrow. A collection of fragments of my professional identity as we have such a brief window of co-presence in which to connect. 

I will be presenting from my technical, platform design perspective and as an experienced language educator. For those who are interested in the pedagogical rationale for the Languages@Warwick platform, this can be seen in my M.A. dissertation available on academia.edu  . I also have a website that shows my current research interests and approach to language education. My credentials for platform development were accredited by the Association for Learning Technology community by e-portfolio.

I realise that I won't have time to go into detail about each of the technologies used but my youtube channel has playlists for each of them so please do find out more there. The e-portfolio assessment project is also available in more detail on scribd so please feel free to download and adapt. All my work is available online under creative commons licence. I am most active on twitter and always welcome new connections, there is so much I can learn from interacting.  

I hope by the time our window of co-presence closes we will have made some meaningful connections, but I would like to leave the window ajar through this blog post so that you can reach inside to get a closer look. 

Thanks to those who came along today, I will be in touch with those of you who spoke to me. Here is the link to my reflections presentation.

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