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Saturday, 18 September 2010

endless journey

The journey metaphore so often used to refer to the learning experience has been troubling me of late. When I embark upon a journey I usually know where I will depart from, where I'm going, and what I need to take with me. None of these are elements I would necessarily find if I reflect upon the situations from which I have learnt. The most marked learning experiences I have had in life have been relatively unplanned, dramatic events which have lead me to places I did not expect to see. I have not been prepared for them and that has made them all the more memorable. Some journeys are more to be endured that enjoyed, they leave you tired and with fewer resources than when you embarked upon them. I doubt we would like the same to be true of learning. Deep learning takes place within an affective context that has perhaps more in common with a major event, something striking and even life-changing - being there when Kennedy or John Lennon was shot, scoring the winning goal, missing that vital catch...

Can I please ask that we rethink the references to learning journeys? There must be a better metaphore!!

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