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Monday, 22 August 2011

Languages@warwick featured on warwicknowledge

So exciting this morning to see twitter announcing the warwicknowledge feature on our language learning portal http://m2.warwicklanguage.org.uk/

It has taken many years to get to this stage and in many ways it is still just the beginning but it is such a boost to have a public acknowledgement of what we have achieved so far. I say "we" because, although the article focuses on my role, there are many others whose contribution should be acknowledged. There was support from Warwick's LDC and the more recent IATL; encouragement from Language Centre colleagues, both tutors and support staff; Warwick students too played a vital part in shaping the portal. In my wider Personal Learning Network those at Moodle, wimba and remote learner contributed their expertise en route. If the portal is my latest baby, it is one borne of collaboration and it will flourish if we continue to work together for the creation of great learning opportunities.