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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

ALT-C 2011

Opportunities to meet with others who share similar challenges and experiences, be they new friends or existing acquantances, are always enriching. They are also stressful and demanding - you travel miles, get out of your comfort zone and juggle competing demands on your time in an already busy life. However, I have realised today just how the kindness and simple courtesy of those around you makes everything easier. I know from my experience last year that the alt-c is a busy conference bringing together people who are experts in their field, what has impressed me is how friendly everyone is. Whether it is a helping hand with your luggage, a door held open, a cheerful "I'll show you the way" - these simple things provide the glue that makes ALT not just a community but the best of communities in which to make great connections to help face your challenges.

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