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One of the most enjoyable and inspiring books I have read this year has been Sir Ken Robinson's "Out of our Minds"  and my ref...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The landscape

Getting to grips with the technical context for my voice over the internet research I found this discussion very useful:

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Holes in the wall presentation at ALT-C 2012

Holes in the_wall_alt2012 from Teresa Mackinnon

At the recent ALT-C2012 conference, I presented an overview of the virtual learning environment I have created for language teaching. Key design considerations include:

  • choosing design partners who share your vision and commitment to the final product
  • designing for nature within a learning environment so that it supports the natural ecosystem that is needed for great learning experiences.
  • defining the granularity of control so that innovation can take place.

The Languages@Warwick portal has facilitated much innovation:

  • A large scale project deploying e-portfolios as part of language skills assessment.
  • Creation of an Online Intercultural Exchange for 600 students, collaborating between institutions.
  • Implementation of a Community of Practice to support digital skills acquisition for our tutors.
  • Professional development and publications from our Senior Tutors for Chinese and Japanese.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

#altc2012 charging my batteries.

This conference seems to have come around again quickly, I must have been busy this past year! Annual events are always a great opportunity to measure progress or even just take time to reflect on how I've changed. One thing that, despite constant flux and change in the field, remains constant is the warm welcome at #alt2012. Again I have made new connections and caught up with old friends. There have been memorable conversations which will lead to new collaborations, this year with a German member. It is good to see more international connections happening through this network, especially at a time when the benefits of #oie are being highlighted by the INTENT project download report here  The conference papers and events have provided relevant and timely insights which I am able to take away. Staying in halls with no wifi (sorry Manchester but that has to change surely!) means I get a good night's sleep though and a welcome chance to charge my batteries. Thanks #alt2012 for a great conference,